January 10-16, 2021

“Why did Jesus need to be baptized? I thought baptism was for sinners.” That’s a common question among Christians. It does not make sense that our Savior, who was perfectly sinless, would need to be baptized. Why was he? Because a) the Father wanted him to, and b) Jesus came to be our perfect substitute.Continue reading “January 10-16, 2021”

January 5-11, 2020

Jesus appears as the Christ, the Anointed One. The titles “Christ” and “Messiah” both mean “The Anointed One,” and they describe how God prepared Jesus for his mission. Since the days of Othniel (Judges 3:10), the Spirit of the Lord empowered God’s heroes to do his saving work. At his baptism, God anointed Jesus withContinue reading “January 5-11, 2020”

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