Other Resources

Together in the Word is just one resource. One tool for studying God’s Word. Below are other excellent resources to consider.

WELS South Atlantic District Devotions

The WELS South Atlantic District Commission on Discipleship regularly produces devotional booklets for the Advent and Lent Seasons.

WELS Family Devotions

WELS Discipleship produces a devotion, prayer, and discussion question three times/week, based on the assigned lessons for the previous Sunday.

Martin Luther College Devotionals

Martin Luther College (New Ulm, MN) produces annual devotional booklets for Advent and Holy Week. They are available for download or by email subscription.

WELS Marriage Moments

WELS Discipleship produces brief videos each week highlighting a Scripture passage related to marriage and offers a question or application for couples to discuss.

Northwestern Publishing House

Northwestern Publishing House (NPH) offers excellent Christian books and devotional resources.

DIY Advent

This resource, shared by the Bread for Beggars blog, offers another alternative, especially for couples.

Let’s build something together.

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